Words  from the Founder


You cannot build a safe house without a good foundation.

Thus, the Vivid Life Residential Care home was built upon the strong foundation of my clear understanding of the brevity and fragility of life; of my empathy for the human condition; and of my fervor for living a life of purpose – on living a life of service.

I grew up within an extended family of nurses. Under one roof, family values – especially that of respect for our elders – were instilled, and the acts of caregiving and helping each other were exemplified. After years of “healthcare talk” around the dinner table, naturally, I too became a nurse.

During a medical mission trip as a student nurse to a remote province of Guatemala, I experienced a heightened sense of well-being through volunteerism. Hundreds of K’iche’ Mayans had come to us to be treated. Through their tears of joy and sincere smiles, these resilient people expressed utmost gratitude for our care. I had helped change their lives for the better. I was forever touched, and my heart was greatly inspired.

Upon acquiring my RN (registered nurse) designation from the Texas Board of Nursing, I ambitiously jumped straight into the intensive care unit where I honed my critical nursing skills under the pressures of stabilizing extreme sickness and saving human lives. In the frontline of frequent devastation and death in that environment, I heard the ticking of my borrowed time on earth grow louder. My mind was pried wide open.

I continued on to secure skills in geriatric and orthopedic nursing. Through the feelings of vulnerability and loss of control shared by my patients’ experiences in an institutionalized setting, I gained a deeper insight into our fundamental human desire to remain independent. I wanted to help preserve the dignity of the people I serve; my motivation was ignited.

I sought to acquire more skills by also serving as a home health nurse. Working in that field revealed to me the gravity of the consequences of isolation the homebound elderly experienced too often. Not only were such consequences detrimental to their health but also on their overall quality of life. Meeting basic needs of healthy living such as getting to the groceries and prepping a fresh meal or socialization for a sense of community was inadequate or unmet. A curtain of loneliness would draw across my patients’ eyes as I bid each farewell until the next week’s visit. This experience demanded my attention to help improve the condition of aging. My soul was emboldened.

And then…my own grandmother suffered a simple but fatal fall. This graceful woman who had raised me with so much patience and guided my wobbly steps toward reaching childhood milestones, my Mamala, was gone. We were living oceans apart, and I was always “too busy” and geographically too far to embrace her in her journey through life –besides, she was “just a phone call away.” Distracted, I failed to hear the ticking of her time…

In the grand scheme of things, my pursuit for technical achievements proved to be trivial. And so today, I waste no time in being of great service to you –not one and the same as self-sacrifice for my heart must not grow weary. My promise to You is that I will take care of me, so that I may always be at my best to help you.

In dedication to my Mamala, Vivid Life Residential Care stands to provide you a home where you can make time for what matters, and where, together, we can continue to experience the beauty of life as it unfolds. With our dedicated and empowered team, we are here to help keep you safe and embrace you through your journey. We are here for you.

“Life is not just the passing of time. Life is the collection of experiences and their intensity.” –Jim Rohn

Jeanne Caneda, BSN, RN, Owner/Administrator